Cuban Food
Mon - FRI

Breakfast 6:30-10am
Lunch 11:30-3 pm
Frita Friday 5-8PM


Cuban Burgers

cómo, cuándo, por qué 

This is our Story- 
Gregorio: grew-up in Alpine, TX  went off to the Big City to become a classicly Trained Chef then traversed
the food mecca of California before coming back to his home state.
Emma Jean Riley: Grew-up in a Family Resturant and cooked her way from Michigan to Florida thru
New Mexico and Finally Into Texas.
ThE Two Met up  At Chinati- in a communial Kitchen 
Heirloom Tomatoes, GReek Olive Oil, Balsamic ViNegar and a Passion............ For Food
The Two Were Doomed to cook-it-OUT
Now- years Later
Yep- you guessed it; they are Still Doomed in their Passion for Food and Each Other
So they did what any other Crazy Couple would do.
Thru Care to the wind. Quit their Jobs, left their house in the City and opened a food truck.
(okay, so its really a trailer but you get the idea)
When you come up to the window you may find a little Girl "MAy  I help You"- thats their Daughter 
The two Crazy Chefs in the back, well theres no telling-
they maybe doing the rumba or Challenging each Others ability to use a Knife
One things for sure- the Stove Is Always On

The Two Crazy Cats- emma & Greg

Yep= Here we are crazy as ever. Enjoying a saturday afternoon together.
There maybe some beer involved but we're not telling.
Lovin' life in or out of the Kitchen!