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    Cuba Bucket List: The Ultimate Top 10 Travel Experiences

    Every adventurous traveler should visit Cuba at least once in their lifetime; this vibrant destination has something for absolutely everyone. From hanging out in Havana, cruising the Malecon, smoking cigars with the locals to exploring the town of Trinidad.. There are so many unique things to do in Cuba. Here’s my top 10! Live Cuban Music Cubans believe that Cuba has played a significant role in the democratization of music and music is ingrained in the heart and soul of the country. Grammy award winning musicians can be found playing sax at many of the famous clubs and bars. Not only jazz; Danzon, Trova and many other types of music can be enjoyed…

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    My Cuban Love Story: Why I Fell In Love With Cuba

    I had always dreamt of visiting Cuba; the largest island in the Caribbean that has barely changed since the Cuban Revolution in 1959, led by Fidel Castro, and the subsequent US embargo which dramatically slowed down Cuba’s economic growth. Now that relations with US are relaxing and Castro has died, it’s thought that the Cuba of today is set for a rapid change and so visitors from all around the world are rushing to see the country before it changes forever. Including me.. I’ve always wanted to see this iconic island that is frozen in time with my own eyes and it’s suffice to say tourism is booming. So here are…

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    Cuba Cheat Sheet: 11 Tips On Travelling To Cuba

    As one of the last few remaining communist countries, Cuba makes for a fascinating travel destination. It can be both fascinating and frustrating in equal parts. Much of what makes Cuba so special is also what makes it so frustrating. With private businesses illegal until very recently, the Cuban government runs most of the hotels and car rental operators. Planning a trip there can seem quite daunting for first-timers; possibly due to a combination of the double currency monetary system, lack of reliable internet connection and alternative views presented by the media. Don’t know the difference between your CUP or casas? Don’t stress. Here’s 11 useful tips you need before…