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    Tips To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

    Have you ever suffered from chronic self-doubt? Feeling like you don’t belong, or that everyone thinks you don’t deserve your achievements? If you can relate to those feelings, then you’ve likely experienced imposter syndrome. You’re not alone; studies suggest that 70% of people experience imposter syndrome at some point in their lives or career. Essentially, imposter syndrome stems from a high sense of self-doubt. Instead of attributing your success to your skills, you might downplay your success and attribute it to luck. Signs You Might Be Suffering from Imposter Syndrome ● Perfectionism. You may set high goals for yourself. Because your goal is perfection, the smallest mistakes may make you…

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    Does CBD Help With Travel Anxiety?

    Travel anxiety is very real, and many people suffer from it. It’s a combination of the stress and fear of visiting an unfamiliar place, which can trigger feelings of panic. Though I am sure they’d love to travel and see the world, this is really limiting many people to travelling by car, train, boat or even on foot. For some, this is not a big deal; they accept their limitations and do what they can. Others wish they could overcome their anxiety about flying to broaden their travel experiences and this is where I think CBD oil can help. What is CBD? You’ve likely heard of CBD. Perhaps you’ve wondered what…

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    Water Conservation: 10 Tips to Reduce Your Usage

    Water is an extremely precious resource, and we must conserve it in every way possible. Climate change, and the more extreme weather that comes with it, means that water supply is becoming more unpredictable as droughts become increasingly common, especially in the summer months, so water conservation is more important than ever before. So here are 10 tips to reduce your usage of water so that everyone on this planet can continue to enjoy clean drinking water for many years to come! Turning The Tap Off Standing there while you’re brushing your teeth and letting the water just run down the drain is a huge waste of water. Turn the…