How to connect your kitchen extension to your garden

I am a big believer in your home being functional, and one of the ways I make my home functional is to feel like every room is flowing into the next, each serving its own individual purpose yet making sense with the room next to it. I don’t stop with the inside of my house either; my garden is part of my home, and I want to ensure it fits with the adjoining living space. If you have a new kitchen extension you may struggle with how to involve your garden, but there are some things you can do to make it work for the best. Here’s how to connect your kitchen extension to your garden.

Think of your garden as a continuation of your living space

The best way for me to connect my kitchen extension and my garden is to simply give them some of the same functions. Not only do I connect them through decor, with green elements all over my kitchen, but I also create an outdoor dining space outside so that my garden simply feels like a continuation of what my kitchen has to offer.

Use large windows to bring the outside in

I knew I wanted large windows in my kitchen from the start, because I think it is important to see as much of the outside as possible when you are in your home, as a great mood booster and also simply for a great view. I was concerned, though, about being energy efficient, and having large windows might have let the cold in. However after further research I have found that updating your kitchen is one of the best ways to stay energy efficient – new windows have seals that help with regulating the temperature in your home, and even appliances like washing machines are better new because of their energy saving features.

Bi-fold doors create a wide open space

For me personally, one of the things that held me back from feeling like my kitchen extension was part of my garden was that my route in and out was a little door, which created a disconnect in the experience. This can be resolved by installing a beautiful set of bi-fold doors, which opens that space right up and creates a sense of continuation that cannot be replicated.

Use plants in your decor

One of the things we all love about being outside is that we feel great – all of that fresh air, and the gorgeous, luscious greenery surrounding us. Bringing that into your home is a fantastic way to replicate that feeling while you are inside, and you can even extend it beyond your kitchen and have a series of plants throughout the home. Plants are great for your mental health, as well as keeping the air cleaner, so it’s a win-win situation.

Have you got a kitchen extension in your home? How does it interact with your garden? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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