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How to Get My Home Ready For Entertaining

I am big on entertaining in my home. In fact, when I bought my home, I specifically thought about what it would be like for entertainment before I settled on where I wanted to live. If you want to use your home for entertaining but you aren’t sure where to start, here are my top tips on getting my home ready for entertaining.

Do a big tidy up

I know, I know. Tidying up is my least favourite job. But it’s also important if you are going to be entertaining in your home. Having guests round to a messy home is just going to stress you out if you are somebody who worries that people might be judging you, or they might stumble across something you forgot to put away, so take the day to clean your house from top to bottom – preferably the day before they arrive, so that you have a whole 24 hours for your body to recover before you need to entertain everybody.

Put up dynamic wall art

When I am entertaining I love to give people something to talk about, so I regularly switch up my wall art so that hopefully every time somebody comes over they have something new and exciting to look at – and sometimes even talk about! Art is a great way to get people talking because everybody has a different perspective and it is amazing to see how a single piece of art on your wall can invoke so many different responses from a group of people.

Make food and drinks accessible

I hate the idea that people have to come and ask me whenever they want something to eat or drink. As far as I’m concerned, they are my guests but should make themselves feel at home. I like to lay out a good spread when people come over so that nobody needs to feel awkward about asking for any food, and also stock my fridge up with a good selection of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks so that there is something to suit every guest.

Lay out entertainment options

If I am hosting more than a couple of people, I am well aware that not everybody is going to want to do the same thing, and people may split off into subgroups. For this reason, I like to have different options available, so everybody can keep themselves amused. I set up a VR in the living room, leave decks of cards and board games around the house where they are accessible, and I also make it clear to all of my guests that there is a quiet space with our hammock stand that they can get away to if they need some time to recharge their batteries – both social and phone! 

Do you love to entertain? How do you get your home ready when you are going to be entertaining?

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