The Pittsburgh Salad
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The History Behind The Pittsburgh Salad

Well-known to all Pittsburgh natives is the infamous Pittsburgh Salad. But what exactly does a Pittsburgh salad consist of?

Well, it’s your typical layered salad of lettuce, vegetables, meats, cheeses, and salad dressing. But there’s one big difference to this salad and it’s the french fries that are also included. Whether they be curly, waffle, or however you prefer your fries the warmth, salt, and texture of the fries bring an entirely new layer to your traditional salad.

While, it’s not exactly known how the Pittsburgh salad came about it, it’s believed to be have been from a customer at Jerry’s Curb Service who ordered a steak sandwich without a bun but added fries and salad dressing instead. Ever since, this “salad” has taken the Burgh by storm.

If a city like Pittsburgh is so devoted to a salad such as this, there must be other unique foods and fun facts about the area. Here’s some other cool things you may not have known about Pittsburgh.

Known As The City Of Bridges

Pittsburgh is known as the “City of Bridges,” this is because the city has a total of 446 bridges.

There are a number of bridges that connect the city to its suburbs, and some that connect Pittsburgh to other cities. The most famous bridge in the city is the Roberto Clemente Bridge, which connects downtown Pittsburgh with the North Shore.

The Roberto Clemente Bridge was named after Roberto Clemente, who was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico and played for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Most of the bridges in the city are named after influential people who have lived in Pittsburgh or was a significant part of the area. 

The Steel City

The city of Pittsburgh was initially known as “the Steel City” because it was the center of steel production and processing in America. The steel industry in Pittsburgh began to develop rapidly after 1875, when Andrew Carnegie founded his company, Carnegie Steel Company.

It was also one of America’s most important cities because of its strategic location near rivers and railroad lines.

Origin of Primanti Brothers 

The Primanti Brothers restaurant in Pittsburgh was founded by three brothers from Sicily who were looking for a new way to make money. They created sandwiches with French fries and coleslaw piled high on the bread. 

The brothers’ original restaurant is still open in Pittsburgh and they now have locations all over the United States.

They Have A Stable Housing Market

Pittsburgh has always been known for its stable housing market. It’s the perfect place for people who are looking to buy a home and settle down in a city with low unemployment rates, high-quality education, and plenty of job opportunities.

There are so many neighborhoods to choose from within Pittsburgh houses for sale that it can be difficult to pick which one you want to live in. There are also neighborhoods that offer particular lifestyles such as the East End with its trendy restaurants, shops, and bars or the South Side with its historic charm and unique culture.

The city of Pittsburgh is so unique that truly whichever area you choose to live in, you can’t go wrong. They all have their own perks!

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